Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wesley and Whitefield

Wesley and Whitefield

John Wesley and George Whitefield - the two great preachers of the 18th Century Evangelical Revival - were both great men of God.

Sadly having been great friends at Oxford, they fell out over the Armenian/Calvinist debate.

There was quite a bit of animosity between their followers.

Once one of Whitefield’s followers said to him:

"We won’t see John Wesley in the heaven, will we?"

To which Whitefield humbly replied "Yes, you’re right, we won’t see him in heaven. He will be so close to the Throne of God and we will be so far away, that we won’t be able to see him!"

What a lovely attitude Whitefield had.

Despite profoundly disagreeing with Wesley, Whitefield recognized John Wesley as being a man of God.

Indeed the respect for the other was so great that when Whitefield died in the USA, John Wesley preached at George Whitefield’s memorial service in London.

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