Sunday, December 27, 2009

Black Balloon

I remember the story of the Balloon seller in the beach. When ever there is a slump in the sales the balloon seller would fill one balloon with oxygen and release it. When the balloon goes up to the sky, children who are playing around would see the balloon and the sales would go up. One day as usual, he released a balloon. Seeing that one child come to him and asked this question "If you release a Black balloon, will it go up?" The balloon seller replied to that little boy, "The colour of the balloon doesn't make any difference, what is inside the balloon is the matter and it is taking it up."

What is inside the men are taking them up and make them successful. It doesn't matter in which field they work or what kind of business they do or which place they live. Our attitude must be set right.

Right Attitude

An old man was walking along the road. While walking he found in the road side few people are working. The workers were trying to make a building. Out of curiosity the Old man asked the first worker to whom he met. "What are you doing?" He replied with a tired face, "What to say, I am making a living". While inspecting their work, the old man came beside another worker. He again put forth the same question to him also "What are you doing?" The worker got little bit irritated and said. "Can't you see what I am doing. I am working with the stones" the Old man went around the upcoming building and met another worker. It seemed that the young guy is happy and doing his work with enthusiasm. The old man placed the same question to this young and enthusiastic guy. "What are you doing?" With a happy and radiant face, he replied. "See we are building a magnificent Church. It will be completed within few months. Then come and visit us. Here you will find a very beautiful Church building. You will find many people here worshiping God. A lot of work is to be done here." The young man invited the old man to visit the place again and worship God with him after few months.

From the above old story, you can see the attitude of different people who are working on the same project. The people who have the right attitude is happy in what they are doing. Those who do not have the right attitude will find it difficult to continue their life. Even though they all are working on the same project, they have different attitude. Some think that they are doing the work for a living, for the food for themselves and for their family. Some focus only on the things they are working. That is why the second guy said that he is working with stones. The third one's focus is on the outcome. "A Magnificent Church". He know what he is doing and what will be the outcome. Sometimes we will find it difficult to go ahead with our life. Feeling tired and fed up with the work we are doing every day.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Story-A True Story of a Holiday Miracle

A Christmas Story -- A True Story of a Holiday

A John Harricharan Adventure. It could be yours, too!

Long, long ago, in a small, tropical village in a
country far, far away, a little boy lived with his
parents in a two room house. He could not have been
more than four or five years old and his entire
experience of life was limited to the fishing and
farming village, his neighbors and friends.

It wasn't that the little boy was unhappy. Given his
situation, he was a rather cheerful, optimistic lad,
but times were hard for his parents. The village was
recovering from the recent floods that had wiped out
his parents livelihood. And the Christmas holidays were
just around the corner.

Now in this little village of long ago, people of
various religions lived and worked together in harmony.
Everyone enjoyed each other's religious holidays and
everyone looked forward to the celebrations where
Christians, Hindus, Muslims and others would gather.
The parents would provide gifts for the children and
little boys and little girls would squeal with delight
as they played with their simple toys.

It wasn't an expensive gift by today's standards, but
in that village of long ago, as Christmas approached,
any gift would be considered expensive. Yes, you and I
would probably smile when we realize that all the
little boy wanted was a balloon -- just a simple little
blue balloon.

You see, the little boy had seen pictures of brightly
colored balloons and had even seen balloons that
belonged to children of more affluent families. But he
had never had his own balloon and so he longed for one.
In the village, balloons were only sold in one shop and
that shop was far from the little boy's home.

And the cost of a balloon? Just one penny! You would
think that a penny was hardly anything, but in those
days, literally every penny had to be used very
carefully. When the little boy's parents had to choose
between food and a balloon, the choice was naturally

The little boy was very sad. For weeks he had been
thinking of the lovely, blue balloon he would get for
Christmas. After another day or so, his mother, like
all good mothers, determined to find her little boy a
penny to get his blue balloon. Again, like most
mothers, she sacrificed her own needs to get her son
his wish.

Imagine how happy the little boy was! Clutching the
penny tightly in his small hand, he set off for the
store. He did not care that he would have to walk for
more than a mile in the blazing hot, tropical sun to get
his balloon. He moved as fast as his little legs would
carry him -- sometimes half-running and then walking
quickly. Now he would have his blue balloon.

But fate played a trick on the little boy. There was no
blue balloon at the store -- only one balloon was left.
And it was a drab green one, a color he didn't really
like. He probably thought that a green balloon was
better than no balloon at all, so he bought and paid
for it. But things were to get much worse very quickly

As he was returning home, he decided to inflate the
balloon by blowing air into it. Suddenly, there was a
loud sound and the balloon burst into pieces. At first,
the boy couldn't believe it. He just stopped and stared
at the rubbery shards in his hand. After all the
trouble to get this one balloon and then, just like in
life, in a split second it was gone.

He continued walking home and although he was a brave
little chap, tears streamed down his cheeks. After all,
he was just four or five years old. His parents would
not be able to spare another penny to buy a replacement
balloon. And even if they were able to, there were no
balloons left in the store. By now, his tiny feet
were tired from all the walking so he sat down on a
little rock at the side of the road.

That's when he saw the stranger. He wasn't quite sure
why he hadn't seen the man sooner. He must have been
too absorbed in his own problems to notice anything.
Rarely were there strangers who came through the
village. The man smiled a kindly smile and inquired of
the little boy why he had tears in his eyes.

The little boy explained his plight. With a knowing
wink, the man reached into a bag he was carrying on his
shoulder and pulled out a small box. "I have a gift for
you," he said as he handed the box to the little boy.

"Go ahead. Open it," he continued. Imagine the surprise
of the little boy as he peered into the box and saw
three, uninflated, beautiful blue balloons, each one
with a picture of a star on it. He turned to say "thank
you" to the stranger, but there was nobody there. The
man was gone.

Perhaps it was an angel, thought the little boy. Or
maybe the stranger just disappeared into thin air. But
that would be magic, reasoned the little fellow. You
see, there is magic in the heart and soul of every
little boy and every little girl on Earth. They know
it, but they forget the magic as they grow older.

Years have come and years have gone, but that was one
of the happiest Christmas I ever spent. Every once in a
while, or perhaps, even more often than once in a
while, if I choose to sit quietly and revisit that
scene of yesteryear, I could still see the kindness in
the stranger's eyes and the beautiful stars on the blue

It was a great lesson that I learned that day.
Sometimes when life takes something away from you, it
is only because it wants to bring you something much
better. Life took my little balloon because it wanted
me to have three beautiful, bigger and better balloons.

We may not understand why things happen the way they
do, but this I know: If we trust the process and we
keep on keeping on, the dark valleys of life will
eventually lead into beautiful fields of light and
splendor. You are cared for and protected by a Force
that transcends time and space -- a Force that has
existed forever and that loves you unconditionally.

Last, but not least, I must tell you this before I go!
If you want to help a little boy or a little girl get a
toy this holiday season, I will give you a link where
you can make a contribution to "Toys for Tots". Each
year, my dear friend, Rick Beneteau, runs a campaign to
raise funds to provide some needy children with a few
precious gifts.

Rick has been doing this year after year, and in some
ways, he reminds me of the stranger who walked through
the little village and brought me the three beautiful,
blue balloons. A contribution of any amount would be
welcomed. It could be as small as a dollar or as large
as you want to make it.

And it's easy to contribute through Paypal (I just made
my contribution). No matter how bad things may be with
us, we can always decide to help someone by giving even
a small amount. For it is in giving that we are able to
receive blessings beyond our fondest dreams. Here is
the link for "Toys for Tots":


I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season. It
doesn't matter which holidays you celebrate or not
celebrate, we are all in one great celebration, the
celebration of life.

May this season and the coming new year be filled with
peace, joy, prosperity and all good things for you.



P.S. Please forward this story to your friends and
relatives and let's light up the world with goodwill.