Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dog and the Doctor

A real story of Japan. A story of one dog and a Doctor.

A doctor one day gave some food to the dog residing nearby and then this become usual. The dog always remain with the doctor whenever it is possible.. Doctor used to go by train everyday for his duty. Dog always accompany him till the Railway Station. And when the doctor come back for his duty, that dog waits for him at the railway station and both come back at home together. This was the usual practice.

Once in an accident doctor died. Dog kept waited for him till long. For two consecutive days it waited for Doctor without having food, water or anything.

Then after that every day the dog visited the platform at the arrival time of that train regularly till the time of its death.

People around that platform started having sympathy towards dog and they started giving it food and started taking care of it. Everyone was impressed by the love between that dog and the Doctor.

Once a person took that dog at home and taking care for it. But dog every day visited that station without missing single day.

Till dog died, it visited that platform and waited for Doctor.

People put the statue of dog at that station for the loving memory of it and Doctor and in that city that dog is recognized as symbol of love.

Moral of the story is that..

If you love someone, then love unconditionally. Accept the positive and negative aspects of your loved one. Take care of the loved one even if it is not with you. Try to be honest and trust 100%. Develop the fear of loss for your love...make your love realize about that fear of loss. Give sweet smile to everyone and love a loved one such a way that it become a history.

Sometime people forgets the value of love even if his or her inside is pure. Because of personal problems, work tension, ego, misunderstandings and many more.... people started thinking wrong ways and loses the faith, then they miss wonderful days of life which they would have enjoyed if their loved ones are nearby. Imagine. Think of that enjoyment.

I don't know why they chooses the path of aloneness rather being in love. Remember days never comes back, time never stops, still if you feel that you are missing someone and due to certain problems you have lost your love, go immediately and catch it and enjoys those days of love which you may never get back. Always follow your heart.

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