Monday, February 14, 2011

Story of the Stonecutter

There was a stone cutter. One day he found a big stone in a mountain. He wanted to split that Rock. He took his big iron hammer and started to hit it with his might. There was no scratch - not a chip. He pull back his hammer and hit it again and again. There was not a slight crack. He continued his work. Passersby saw his efforts with no result and laughed at him saying what is the use of hitting this boulder.  You will not be able to brake this stone.  But the stone cutter was serious. A stone cutter is intelligent. He knows that just because he don't see immediate effects from his current actions, it doesn't mean that he is not making any progress. He continued his hitting. But there was no result after hitting 70th hit or 180th hit. But at the 707th hit the rock doesn't just chip, but literally split in half. Was it the one single hit that split the rock? No. Absolutely not. The constant pressure applied to that rock split it finally.

Persistence is the key to success. But also you must know when you should give up. Have you ever heard of Traf-O-Data a company formed by Bill Gates and his associates before Microsoft.  But they abandoned that project in a latter date.   Theres is no use in follow with a project which is of no use.

I am a user of internet since 2000. During the fist few years I was introduced to make some bucks from reading emails. My personal experience was very bad as I did not receive any payment till now even though I pursued it for few years. Persistence with worthless efforts are a waste of time and energy. But I found writing and publishing articles with Hubpages   It is a very good way to earn some bucks. Even though there was no result in the first year, it made some progress in the second year. I don't know what motivates you to write. Whatever it is, do it with your full might, one day you will see the starts.

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