Friday, November 27, 2009

Seek the giver than the gift

There was a king. He did many wars and conquered many territories. He had four good ministers, who did all the wars for him. The king pleased with his for ministers. One day the King decided to celebrate his victory. He arranged a grand feast and invited all the noble people for the fest. On the day of feast in front of his gusts, King decided to honour his Ministers. King summoned his for Ministers who did the war for him and told them that "four of you are very instrumental in winning the wars. I would like to grand you your wishes, you can ask your desire of your heart. You can ask any thing. I will give it to you." In front of the gusts King announced. One by one the ministers come forward and expressed their desire of their heart.

The first one told to the King "I am from a poor family, my parents are very poor. In my childhood I slept without having food many nights. I need money. Give me money, a lot of money. Hearing this King ordered his Servant who is in charge of his treasury to give him a lot of money which will make him rich.

The second one told to the King: I do not have a house. I want a big house just like the palace. Hearing this King ordered his servants to Make a palace for him.

The third one said to the King: I have good house, I have money, but I do not have a good road to go to my home. If you are kind enough please build a royal path to my house in the village. King ordered to make a royal path to his Village.

Then the chance came for the forth one. King asked what do you want. He didn't say anything. Tears welled up in his eyes. He began to sobb. Seeing this Kind told him, whatever it is, you can ask. Even if it is half of my kingdom, I will give it to you. When the king insisted, the servant said while crying, "I do not want money, I do not want a big house or a royal path. I just want you, If you are kind enough, please come and stay with me and my family for a few days. King said that it is not a difficult task. I am happy to live with you and your family for a few days.

While making plan to visit the house of his servant, the kind come to know that the servant is a poor man does not have a good house or money. To go to his house is a very difficult task as there was not a good road to his village. King ordered to build a Big house just like palace for King's stay. Also King ordered to send lot of money for his stay. Kings servants made a royal path to his village for King's travel. He got everything his fellow servants got.

Moral of the story is that don't just look for the gift but seek the giver. It is better to seek God than his gifts. When Gog come in your house, everything else will follow automatically.


  1. Please watch out for spelling mistakes...

    Though it is a good story, you really get upset when you see those spelling mistakes.

  2. Nice story. But this reminds me epic of Mahabharatha. When Dhuriyodhana was asked to choose between Lord Krishna or his army, Dhuriyodhana chosed Army of Krishna. Arjuna has chosen Lord Krishna for his side. Any way it is nice story for this age acceptable to all people.