Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Three sons went out for Good and prospered.

after all they met...,they are discussing what they have gifted their
loving mother.

first one says i had Built a big mansion for her...,

the second says..., i had sent a Benz with driver..,

the third one says i had gifted a precious parrot which recites the
whole bible..., just u name the chapter and verse....

Soon after, Mom sent out her letters of thanks to her three sons...,

TO her elder son .., she replies ..the house is too big and recite at a
single room and i have to clean all the house.

To the second son she replies..., I am too old to travel; its waste of

To the younger one she writes- Dear, you have a good sense..., you know
what your mother likes..,"The chicken was delicious."

Source: from an email forward

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